DOBOT Nova 2 

Payload:   2KG                Reach:  625mm Repeatability: +/-0.05mm

DOBOT Nova 5 

Payload:   5KG                Reach:  850mm Repeatability: +/-0.05mm

DSLR Booth LamaBot Kit

Customized Cobot
Rollable Robot Pedestal 
Camera Mounting Bracket Robot Control/Camera App Set Fastening Hardware


6 Axis Collaborative
Payload:   3KG                Reach:  795mm Repeatability: +/-0.02mm


6 Axis Collaborative
Payload:   5KG                Reach:  1,096mm Repeatability: +/-0.02mm


6 Axis Collaborative
Payload:   10KG              Reach:  1,525mm Repeatability: +/-0.02mm


6 Axis Collaborative
Payload:   16KG              Reach:  1,223mm Repeatability: +/-0.02mm

Dobot CR5SS

Our exclusive SafeSkin technology is a wearable non-contacting collision detection product. With the optional SafeSkin, the CR series robot can detect objects at a distance of 5-15cm and within 10ms immediately stop operating to avoid collision. The robot will automatically  resume operation after the path is cleared.

Dobot MG400

The DOBOT MG400 priced at $2,890 is a lightweight, 4 axis collaborative desktop robot. Perfect for pick and place, dispensing, inspection and many other light duty industrial applications

750g payload, 440mm reach    +/- 0.05mm repeatability.

Dobot M1 Pro
The DOBOT M1 Pro is a cost-effective,  high precision, collaborative SCARA robot for light industry. The built in integrated
controller means a small footprint and no cables. 

1.5kg payload, 400mm reach    +/- 0.02mm repeatability. 


   DOBOT MG400 accessories               include suction cups, electric         and servo grippers, soft finger         grippers and vacuum pumps.